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A User-Guide to Your Brain: Your Most Important Tool in the Practice Room

Molly Gebrian

Molly Gebrian

Discover how our brains learn and how to apply these insights to practicing and teaching, leading to more efficient and effective practicing, enhanced performance ability, enjoyment, and confidence. Molly Gebrian will use current brain research to discuss how to get rid of bad habits, the role of sleep in learning, the power of mental practicing, and much more!

Violist Molly Gebrian has distinguished herself as an outstanding performer, teacher, and scholar throughout the US and Europe. Her principal teachers include Peter Slowik, Carol Rodland, James Dunham, and Garth Knox. Molly completed her DMA in viola performance at Rice University and she also holds graduate degrees from the New England Conservatory of Music, and Bachelors degrees from Oberlin College, in both viola performance and neuroscience. She has published papers in the Journal of the American Viola Society and Frontiers in Psychology and remains active in music/brain research. She currently teaches at the University of Arizona.

Keynote Presentation—Compassionate Qualities of Suzuki Teachers

Hendricks Headshot

Karin Hendricks is Associate Professor of Music Education and Chair of Music Education at Boston University. She serves regularly as an instrumental music clinician, adjudicator, and workshop presenter throughout the United States and abroad. Dr. Hendricks has served in state, national, and international music education leadership positions, including as national secretary and research committee chair for the American String Teachers Association. Her research interests include music psychology, motivation, and social justice in music learning settings, with a particular focus on positive student-teacher relationships. Dr. Hendricks has published dozens of papers in prestigious research journals and edited books, and makes a particular effort to present research findings to music teachers in meaningful and approachable ways. She was the 2018 recipient of the American String Teachers Association “Emergent String Researcher” Award. Before moving to the collegiate level, Karin enjoyed a successful public school orchestra career for 13 years, where she won local, state, and national awards for her teaching. Dr. Hendricks has published four books, including Compassionate Music Teaching: A Framework for Motivation and Engagement in the 21st Century.

More Featured Sessions

Our Suzuki Heritage . . .

Your Wildest Dreams

Studio of Judy W. Bossuat-Gallic

Judy Bossuat-Gallic

When I was growing up on a farm in upstate New York, I wouldn’t have even know how to imagine the life I’ve lived.

Dr. Suzuki’s ideas were influenced by his environment too, with crucial input at important moments creating unexpected opportunities. I live in gratitude that my life intersected with his and with others who were crucial to the direction my path has taken me. The seeds they planted continued to sprout years later and have shape my life.
We each travel our own voyage. Dr. Suzuki’s life has resulted in our being at this conference. So, who else helped you end up here?

We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

Past SAA President, founder of Ithaca Talent Education and esteemed Suzuki Pioneer Sanford Reuning (Sandy) will take us on a guided tour of how music teaching and beliefs about the abilities of children have changed since the early 60s. There have been major changes in only 55 years, going from the “diminishing interest in string instruments” (Tanglewood String Symposia 1963 and 1964) to a robust teaching climate. Sandy will speak about how the SAA has been instrumental in spreading changes in methodology, beliefs, and opportunities. (Friday evening)

The Starr Legacy

We are delighted to honor the living legacy of William Starr and the late Constance Starr at the SAA conference in September.

Several of their former students, who are teachers themselves now, from the Knoxville, TN and Boulder, CO, days will be in attendance to share their memories of studying with them and how the influences of the Starrs on their lives. Highlights include current video of Mr. Starr reminiscing about the early days of the Suzuki method, the family time living in Japan, the Knoxville tours to Venezuela, Mr. Starr’s role in the SAA and ISA and a look forward to his upcoming book—Shinichi Suzuki with the Starrs.

Their daughter, violinist Judith Starr, will perform and lead the violins and violas in selections from his many publications. Judith is a member of the Bergen Philharmonic in Norway and is flying in for this special presentation!

Bring your violins and violas and be prepared to have fun and learn new ideas from these books to share with your students! (11:00 AM Sunday)

The Vision for the Suzuki Method in the Americas: Where we’ve been, Where we are now…and Where we are going! (Sunday evening)

Through anecdotal stories, Edward Kreitman will share his own personal experiences of observing and learning from Dr. Suzuki, John Kendall, William and Connie Starr, Doris and William Preucil, Joan and Sandy Reuning, Louise Behrend, Anastasia Jempelis and Margery Aber. He will take a look at where we are now, and how the work of those early pioneers resulted in some of our most important assets: our amazing Teacher Development Program and our success in creating a legacy of thousands of Suzuki Method students who have gone on to have successful careers both in and out of the music profession. Then finally, Kreitman’s keynote will encourage exploration of the infinite possibilities for Suzuki education in the Americas. (Sunday evening)

Overview of Special Events and Concerts

Thursday, September 3
Sessions by Ed Kreitman, Yumi Kendall, Avi Friedlander, Michiko Yurko, Laurie Scott and Winifred Crock, and numerous others
Mini-Recital by clinicians Rebecca Albers, Viola and Yumi Kendall, Cello

Friday, September 4
Conference Exhibits – Bring your shopping list! (Friday & Saturday)
“Maestro the Pot-Bellied Pig,” Elizabeth White Clark, Harp, with reading by musician/author Gerald Elias – presented in English and Spanish
Welcome Reception – Time for food and relaxation with friends!
Flute Recital with Lorna McGhee, Flute, and Katie Leung, Collaborative Pianist

Saturday, September 5
Informance: panels, speakers, discussions for Suzuki in the Schools teachers
Harp & Flute Recital with Elizabeth White Clark and Nancy Wood
Recital by Astrid Schween, Cello, with Katie Leung, Collaborative Pianist
Conference Student 3-Piano Ensemble performing Bach Concerto in d minor with string ensemble accompaniment
International Ensembles Performance by Chicago Cello Connection, a coloration of 27 cellists, ages 11 through high school from the Chicagoland area.

19th Conference Ensemble Performances by Violists and by Flute Ensemble and Choir

Sunday, September 6
Recital – Benjamin Verdery, Guitar Clinician
2020 Vision: Emerging Instruments Ensemble
Suzuki Youth Orchestras of the Americas I & II—Kirsten Marshall (I) and Emmett Drake (II), Conductors
Suzuki Young Artists String Ensemble—Marilyn Kesler, Conductor
Cello Choir—Rick Mooney, Conductor
Advanced Violin Performing Ensemble—Tom Wermuth/Conductor

Monday, September 7
New sessions & wrap-up sessions
Closing address by Chair-Elect, Rolando Freitag