Dalcroze: Let the Music Move You

Suzuki Association of the Americas National Conference

Dr. Jeremy Dittus, Diplôme Supérieur
Minneapolis, Minnesota

A 6-hour, pre-Conference workshop-style overview of Dalcroze Eurhythmics with Dr. Jeremy Dittus.  Open to all but serves also as pre-requisite for Dalcroze Instrument-Specific Sessions. Thursday, September 3, 12 noon—6 PM in the Minneapolis Convention Center.  Enrollment will be limited!**

Suzuki IS a collaborative community! Since Dalcroze Education works for all instruments, it’s the perfect vehicle to bring everyone together. Dalcroze can offer Suzuki educators purposeful movement techniques can unlock creativity, inform intuition, and provide a tool for joyful, inspired musicianship training!

Ideal for both experienced and beginner students, Dalcroze Education uses the body to explore musical concepts in dynamic, engaging, and playful ways. In addition to movement courses concentrated on musicianship training at an adult level, participants will learn the principles of Dalcroze Education, specific Dalcrozian strategies and techniques, and instrument-specific sessions to acquire new approaches for personal practice and performance, the private lesson, and group classroom teaching.

Dalcroze for Your Instrument

Instructors: Dr. Jeremy Dittus, assisted by Suzuki teachers from his Professional Studies Program

Two-hour instrument-specific sessions will have limited enrollment. Pre-requisite is Dalcroze: Let the Music Move You (or equivalent detailed study with Dr. Dittus), the 5-hour pre-Conference session.

These sessions will be held during the Conference. Enrollment is limited. No additional fee but pre-registration is strongly encouraged.  

These workshop sessions are designed to create a closer, more specific connection between Dalcroze and the repertoire for your instrument.  Activities may include rhythm, improvisation, solfege, and ideas for group lesson instruction.  Classes will have a limited enrollment of 20 participants each.  Pre-registration required.