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The following is a overview listing of the full schedule for the 2018 SAA Conference.
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Full Schedule

Wednesday Afternoon ^Top

6:00 pm Wednesday

Dalcroze for Suzuki Teachers—Part 1 (Pre-Registration Required)

Jeremy Dittus
(Wed @ 6–10 pm) Ballroom EFG

Thursday Morning ^Top

8:30 am Thursday

Dalcroze for Suzuki Teachers—Part 2 (Pre-Registarion Required)

Jeremy Dittus
(Thu @ 8:30–4 pm) Ballroom EFG

Thursday Afternoon ^Top

12:00 pm Thursday

Every Child Can! (Pre-Registration Required)

James Hutchins
(Thu @ 12–6 pm) Rochester

2:00 pm Thursday

3:30 pm Thursday

SAA Bass Committee Meeting #1

S Daniel Swaim
(Thu @ 3:30–7:30 pm) Parlour

5:00 pm Thursday

A body in motion tends…to feel better!

Sarah Hersh
(Thu @ 5–5:50 pm) Ballroom ABC

Creating a Worldwide Collaborating Community: A How-To for Planning a Student Performance Tour

Allison Huebner-Woerner, Erika Lord-Castillo
(Thu @ 5–5:50 pm) Ballroom FG

Making Your Own Road Map Through the Twinkles

Heather Watson Hardie
(Thu @ 5–5:50 pm) Symph 1

Musicality Through Breath, Imagination, and Gesture

Nancy Modell
(Thu @ 5–5:50 pm) Symph 3,4

Pre-Twinkles and PhDs: Collaborating with College Music Programs

Blair School of Music, Kirsten Cassel Greer, Zachary Ebin
(Thu @ 5–5:25 pm) Con A

So, my student hates performing, what can I do about it?

Julia Clearman
(Thu @ 5–5:50 pm) Con BC

5:30 pm Thursday

Changing the world as a string educator- You are the musical catalyst for your community! ♪

Candace Jorgensen, Ruth Meints
(Thu @ 5:30–5:55 pm) Con A

6:00 pm Thursday

Building Community Among Independent Studios

Daniela Gongora, Andrea Kleesattel, Jessica McNamara, Jenna Potts, Sara Bennett Wolfe
(Thu @ 6–6:25 pm) Con BC

Building Community in Your Suzuki Program ♪

Nancy Lokken
(Thu @ 6–6:50 pm) Ballroom ABC

Proven Strategies for Building Your Studio

Megan Titensor
(Thu @ 6–6:50 pm) Con A

Winning the War on Robots

David Strom
(Thu @ 6–6:50 pm) Ballroom FG

Thursday Evening ^Top

6:30 pm Thursday

The Power of a Statewide Retreat

Jennifer Burton, Gretchen Grube Rebar, Janelle Severson, Carol Waldvogel
(Thu @ 6:30–6:55 pm) Con BC

7:00 pm Thursday

Collaboration beyond the Suzuki Studio

Beth Cantrell
(Thu @ 7–7:25 pm) Con A

Community Building: 50 Nifty Patterns of Action for a School of Music

Michael Beert, Martha Frantz, Rachel Handlin
(Thu @ 7–7:50 pm) Symph 1

Engaging Parents: SECE Ideas in the Instrumental Lesson

Kathleen Schoen, Thomas Wm Schoen
(Thu @ 7–7:25 pm) Rochester

Reach out, work together and change lives!

Caroline Fraser
(Thu @ 7–7:50 pm) Ballroom FG

Shoulders and Vibrato

Pamela Devenport
(Thu @ 7–7:50 pm) Con BC

The Evolution of Tonalization ♪

Mark Mutter
(Thu @ 7–7:50 pm) Ballroom ABC

7:25 pm Thursday

Why Wait?!

Wan Tsai Chen
(Thu @ 7:25–7:50 pm) Rochester

7:30 pm Thursday

8:00 pm Thursday

9:00 pm Thursday

Bass Clef Community Conversations

Kate Jones, Alice Ann O’Neill
(Thu @ 9–9:50 pm) Ballroom E

Viola Teachers’ Meet & Greet ♪

Julia Hardie
(Thu @ 9–10 pm) Duluth

Friday Morning ^Top

7:30 am Friday

Dalcroze Eurythmics: Musicianship from Inside Out! (Repeats on Sat.)

Jeremy Dittus
(Fri @ 7:30–8:20 am) Conv Ctr 208

8:30 am Friday

Dalcroze and Suzuki: Making Dynamic Connections that Nurture the Complete Musician (Repeats on Sat.) ♪

Jeremy Dittus, Julie Bamberger Roubik, Megan Bauer, Jeremy Chesman, Meg Lanfear, Carolyn Mead, Marissa Murphy, Emma Shubin
(Fri @ 8:30–9:20 am) Conv Ctr 208

Fiddle & Song: Fiddling Can Begin with Beginners and Include Everyone!

Renata Bratt, Bob Phillips, Crystal Plohman Wiegman
(Fri @ 8:30–9:20 am) Ballroom ABC

There’s a game for that! Group class activities for the smallest to the tallest.

Christopher Mattaliano, Amber Sander
(Fri @ 8:30–9:20 am) Con A

9:00 am Friday

9:30 am Friday

9:40 am Friday

“Making the Twinkle Changes”—Improvising with Twinkle

Mike Hyland
(Fri @ 9:40–10:30 am) Symph 1

A Minuet Anyone Can Do ♪

Zara Lawler
(Fri @ 9:40–10:30 am) Duluth

SAA Bass Committee Meeting #2

S Daniel Swaim
(Fri @ 9:40–11:15 am) Parlour

SECE Baby/Toddler Demonstration Classes #1

Wan Tsai Chen, Katie Ekberg, David Madsen, Lynn McCall, Danette Schuh, Meredith Vaughan
(Fri @ 9:40–10:30 am) Westmin. Rm 210

Twelve Years of Suzuki in the Schools

Kristin Gomez
(Fri @ 9:40–10:30 am) Con A

10:50 am Friday

Follow the Bouncing Ball: using Dalcroze to introduce note reading

Emma Shubin
(Fri @ 10:50–11:40 am) Con A

Rinse and Repeat? Strategies for Mindful Repetition in Practice

Meredith Blecha-Wells, Nick Curry, Sarah Kim
(Fri @ 10:50–11:40 am) Symph 1

SECE: Early Childhood Education… or Early Parent Education?

Jodie St Clair
(Fri @ 10:50–11:15 am) Westmin. Rm 210

The Art of the Viola: What Every Violinist Should Know

Christopher Luther
(Fri @ 10:50–11:40 am) Rochester

11:15 am Friday

How Families Can Learn Collaboration

Dawn Rockwell, Abigail Vogt
(Fri @ 11:15–11:40 am) Westmin. Rm 210

11:30 am Friday

SAA Bass Committee Meeting #3

S Daniel Swaim
(Fri @ 11:30–12:30 pm) Con D

11:50 am Friday

Reaching Out…and Pulling Teens In

Diane Slone
(Fri @ 11:50–12:15 pm) Symph 1

Friday Afternoon ^Top

12:00 pm Friday

Dancing with Bach

Jennifer Lee Lang, Jane Peck
(Fri @ 12–12:50 pm) Ballroom D

1:00 pm Friday

Copyright: What Can I Really Do?

Alfred Music Publishing, Pam Phillips
(Fri @ 1–1:50 pm) Con BC

Dalcroze Improvisation for Movement: Creating Music that Moves!

Jeremy Dittus
(Fri @ 1–1:50 pm) Conv Ctr 208

Latin American Teachers’ Get Together

Caroline Fraser
(Fri @ 1–1:50 pm) Rochester

S, eh, eh?

Kathleen Schoen
(Fri @ 1–1:50 pm) Symph 1

2:00 pm Friday

Collaboration through Technology

Marie Pantina Chhibber, Lindsay Crofts, Leigh Wallenhaupt
(Fri @ 2–2:50 pm) Rochester

3:10 pm Friday

Chamber Music: The ultimate collaboration, the expansion of the triangle ♪

Melinda Daetsch, Teri Einfeldt, Christie Felsing, Malgosia Lis, Jacqueline Smith
(Fri @ 3:10–4 pm) Ballroom FG

Communicating for Collaboration in the Digital Age

Kay Collier McLaughlin
(Fri @ 3:10–4 pm) Ballroom E

It’s All about the Sound: Revisiting Tone and Tone Production ♪

Winifred Crock, Laurie Scott
(Fri @ 3:10–4 pm) Ballroom ABC

Music and Magic Galore: an interactive celebration of the mentorship work of David Gerry.

Meret Bitticks, Wendy Stern, Kelly Williamson
(Fri @ 3:10–4 pm) Con BC

SECE a change in perspective

Reagan Brasch, Alexandra Hadden, David Madsen, Lynn McCall
(Fri @ 3:10–4 pm) Con D

Suzuki Students CAN Read

Julie Gorka NCTM, Linda Gutterman
(Fri @ 3:10–4 pm) Symph 3,4

Vibrato Recipe for Cellists and Bassists

Virginia Dixon
(Fri @ 3:10–4 pm) Rochester

4:10 pm Friday

Seeking Common Ground

Wan Tsai Chen, Dorothy Jones, Lorena Mayra Leal Isida, Leslie Mizrahi, Danette Schuh, Kelly Williamson
(Fri @ 4:10–5:20 pm) Con D

4:20 pm Friday

Cellobration Nation: Joining with Other Studios for Support and Events

Kate Ellingson (Marsch), Jennifer Fan, Nancy Hair, Erica Klein, Alyssa Lawson, Cynthia Kuutti Weller
(Fri @ 4:20–5:10 pm) Ballroom FG

Creating Systems and Routines in the Classroom

Gretchen Grube Rebar
(Fri @ 4:20–5:10 pm) Duluth

Fabulous Fun: Piano Group Class with Only One Piano

Sheryl Phillips
(Fri @ 4:20–5:10 pm) Con BC

Guitar Networking 101: Reaching Outside the Guitar Bubble

Joseph Spoelstra
(Fri @ 4:20–5:10 pm) Ballroom E

Move it! (Repeats on Sat.)

Jeremy Dittus
(Fri @ 4:20–5:10 pm) Conv Ctr 208

We Are One, We Are Suzuki: strategies for integrating transfer students into a Suzuki studio

Meret Bitticks, Sasha Garver, Maria Schwartz
(Fri @ 4:20–5:10 pm) Con A

5:10 pm Friday

Movement Vocabulary for Musical Concepts

Jeremy Dittus
(Fri @ 5:10–6:45 pm) Conv Ctr 208

5:15 pm Friday

5:30 pm Friday

Friday Evening ^Top

8:00 pm Friday

Saturday Morning ^Top

8:00 am Saturday

SAA Bass Committee Meeting #4

S Daniel Swaim
(Sat @ 8–9:20 am) Parlour

8:30 am Saturday

Create Success! Tips to help parents succeed in Suzuki studios (Repeats on Mon.)

Christine Goodner, Nicole Wilton
(Sat @ 8:30–9:20 am) Conv Ctr 103

Recorder Student Group Class

Kathleen Schoen, Mary Halverson Waldo
(Sat @ 8:30–9:20 am) Board Room 2

Suzuki Association of the Americas Annual Meeting

(Sat @ 8:30–9:15 am) Ballroom ABC

9:00 am Saturday

Exhibits Open (9am-3pm)

(Sat @ 9–3 pm) Marquette

9:30 am Saturday

9:40 am Saturday

“Why Chapters?” Creating Your Elevator Pitch

Margaret Watts Romney
(Sat @ 9:40–10:30 am) DR 3

Coda Program Students: Violin Group Class

Oscar Soler
(Sat @ 9:40–10:30 am) Con D

Collaboration—Come Be Brilliant!

Anamae Anderson, Marilyn Becraft Dodson
(Sat @ 9:40–10:30 am) Symph 1

Dalcroze Solfège: Embodying rhythm and pitch for singers and instrumentalists

Jeremy Dittus
(Sat @ 9:40–10:30 am) Conv Ctr 208

Recorder Mini-Lessons ♪

Renata Pereira, Mary Halverson Waldo
(Sat @ 9:40–10:30 am) Board Room 2

SECE Baby/Toddler Demonstration Classes #2

Wan Tsai Chen, Katie Ekberg, David Madsen, Lynn McCall, Danette Schuh, Meredith Vaughan
(Sat @ 9:40–10:30 am) Westmin. Rm 210

Teaching the Squirrelly Ones

Annie Barley Givler
(Sat @ 9:40–10:30 am) Con BC

Using Movement to Teach Music ♪

Zara Lawler
(Sat @ 9:40–10:30 am) Duluth

10:50 am Saturday

Arizona Cactus: Sharing how we teach in elementary classrooms

Kylie Ahern, Karin Hallberg, Louise Scott
(Sat @ 10:50–11:40 am) Con A

Artistic Cello Vibrato

Clive Greensmith
(Sat @ 10:50–11:50 am) Ballroom FG

Developing Consumate Collaborators

Joseph Pecoraro
(Sat @ 10:50–11:40 am) Rochester

Harp Round Table

Anamae Anderson
(Sat @ 10:50–11:40 am) Symph 1

Recorder Sound and Technique for Teachers Part 1

Paul Leenhouts
(Sat @ 10:50–11:40 am) Board Room 2

11:20 am Saturday

My Very First Concert!

Danette Schuh
(Sat @ 11:20–11:45 am) Westmin. Rm 210

Saturday Afternoon ^Top

12:00 pm Saturday

About the SAA Board Experience

Holly Blackwelder Carpenter, Rolando Freitag, Oscar Soler, Frank Viola
(Sat @ 12–1 pm) Con A

Building An Artistic Community Through A Chamber Music Cooperative

Alison Maerker Garner, Alicia Randisi-Hooker
(Sat @ 12–12:25 pm) Ballroom FG

Horn Call: Suzuki Trumpet, Suzuki Brass

Natalie DeJong
(Sat @ 12–12:50 pm) Rochester

My Graduation tapes: Hearing Dr. Suzuki’s Words, 30 Years Later

Nikki Routman Ebisu
(Sat @ 12–12:25 pm) Symph 1

12:30 pm Saturday

Dalcroze Eurhythmics for Students

Jeremy Dittus
(Sat @ 12:30–1:20 pm) Conv Ctr 208

1:00 pm Saturday

Chapter Round Table

Margaret Watts Romney
(Sat @ 1–1:50 pm) Con D

Recorder Teachers’ Group Class

Paul Leenhouts
(Sat @ 1–1:50 pm) Board Room 2

1:30 pm Saturday

2:00 pm Saturday

3:00 pm Saturday

3:10 pm Saturday

Balancing from the Center ♪

Ellen Kogut
(Sat @ 3:10–4 pm) Con BC

Dalcroze Eurythmics: Musicianship from Inside Out! (Repeated From Fri.)

Jeremy Dittus
(Sat @ 3:10–4 pm) Conv Ctr 208

How to Work with Boys’ Voices

Kenneth Phillips
(Sat @ 3:10–4 pm) Ballroom E

Learning by Ear on the Cello—The How and the Why of it

Carey Cheney, Susan Gagnon
(Sat @ 3:10–4 pm) Ballroom FG

Publishing Materials that Supplement Suzuki Teaching

Alfred Music Publishing, Allen Lieb, Bob Phillips, Pam Phillips
(Sat @ 3:10–4 pm) Rochester

Strategies to Help Violin Students Develop Ownership and Persistence

Nancy Jackson
(Sat @ 3:10–4 pm) Ballroom ABC

4:15 pm Saturday

Voice Books 1-2 Group Class

Amelia Seyssel
(Sat @ 4:15–5 pm) DR 1

4:20 pm Saturday

“I can do it!” Creating Independent Learners in the Class and Studio

Courtney Castaneda, Yvonne Davila
(Sat @ 4:20–5:10 pm) Rochester

Indirect Teaching (Repeats on Mon.) ♪

Edmund Sprunger
(Sat @ 4:20–5:10 pm) Ballroom ABC

Intergenerational Early Childhood Education – Adding a New Layer

Colleen Fitzgerald, Julia Murphy
(Sat @ 4:20–5:10 pm) Con A

Scales, Scales, Scales (and arpeggios)! & What about Etudes?

Tanya Carey
(Sat @ 4:20–5:45 pm) Ballroom FG

Teaching Professionalism in a World of Entitlement

Nicole Brady
(Sat @ 4:20–5:10 pm) Ballroom E

4:30 pm Saturday

5:10 pm Saturday

Voice Intermediate Group Class and Mini-Masterclass

Amelia Seyssel
(Sat @ 5:10–6 pm) DR 1

5:20 pm Saturday

Creating a Bright Future-Building an SECE Community from the Start!

Alyse Korn, Shirley Jamison Star
(Sat @ 5:20–5:45 pm) Con A

Expanding Our Community: Challenges and Insights in Creating the First Suzuki Program in Lebanon

Carrie Grace Beisler, Tony Maroun Moussa
(Sat @ 5:20–5:45 pm) Rochester

Suzuki Piano in Mexico a growing community

Leslie Mizrahi
(Sat @ 5:20–5:45 pm) Symph 3,4

5:30 pm Saturday

Bass Students’ Group Class

Kate Jones
(Sat @ 5:30–6:20 pm) Con D

Move it! (Repeated from Fri.)

Jeremy Dittus
(Sat @ 5:30–6:20 pm) Conv Ctr 208

Saturday Evening ^Top

8:00 pm Saturday

Sunday Morning ^Top

7:30 am Sunday

Institute Directors Breakfast & Address: Transactional or Transformational?

Edward Kreitman, Kay Collier McLaughlin
(Sun @ 7:30–9:30 am) Con A

8:30 am Sunday

“Lift off and Landing” The Wonderful World of “Off String” Bowing.

Winifred Crock
(Sun @ 8:30–9:20 am) Marq 1-2,9

In Ac-chord with Harmony ♪

Andrea Cannon
(Sun @ 8:30–9:20 am) Symph 1

Intonation for Strings in the Studio and Group Setting

Bob Phillips
(Sun @ 8:30–9:20 am) Ballroom ABC

Off to a Great Start: Ideas, Perspectives and Games for Teaching the Pre-Twinkle Cellist

Brittany Gardner, Tova Rosenberg, Carol Tarr
(Sun @ 8:30–9:20 am) Ballroom FG

Recorder Sound and Technique for Teachers Part 2

Paul Leenhouts
(Sun @ 8:30–9:20 am) Con D

Theory, Intuition and Joy

Caroline Fraser
(Sun @ 8:30–9:20 am) Symph 3,4

“All Creatures Great and Small” A Suzuki flute teacher’s guide to orchestral excerpts

Elizabeth Shuhan, Wendy Stern
(Sun @ 8:30–9:20 am) Con BC

9:30 am Sunday

9:40 am Sunday

Access and Equity in the Suzuki Community: Strategies for Successful Engagement

Dan Browning, Calida Jones, Mark Mutter, Ashley Nelson
(Sun @ 9:40–10:30 am) Marq 4-7

Brazil! ♪

Alyse Korn, Jane Lenoir
(Sun @ 9:40–10:30 am) Con BC

Creating Variations: so easy, so valuable, and so much fun! ♪

Jody Harmon
(Sun @ 9:40–10:30 am) Marq 1-2,9

Nurturing independence through collaborative note taking #1

Paule Barsalou, Christie Zimmer
(Sun @ 9:40–10:30 am) Conv Ctr 103

SECE Baby/Toddler Demonstration Classes #3

Wan Tsai Chen, Katie Ekberg, David Madsen, Lynn McCall, Danette Schuh, Meredith Vaughan
(Sun @ 9:40–10:30 am) Westmin. Rm 210

What We Studied—Lessons with and from Dr. Suzuki—Violin Part 1 ♪

Judy Bossuat-Gallic, Hiroko Driver-Lippman, Sarah Hersh, Allen Lieb, Linda Stieg, Roger Stieg
(Sun @ 9:40–10:30 am) Ballroom ABC

10:00 am Sunday

10:40 am Sunday

10:50 am Sunday

Bridging Communities in Latin America

Braunwin Sheldrick
(Sun @ 10:50–11:40 am) Con D

Building Community through Loving and Leading our Transfer Students

Sarah Dudas, Lucy Lewis, Stephanie Popa
(Sun @ 10:50–11:40 am) Con A

Change a Habit…Now!

Schuan Carpenter
(Sun @ 10:50–11:40 am) Rochester

Collaborating with the SECE Community

Florence Muller, Danette Schuh
(Sun @ 10:50–11:40 am) Westmin. Rm 210

Creating Music Literacy with Unlimited Game Ideas

Karin Hallberg, Kari Lapins, Kristen Tourville Wyatt, Michiko Yurko
(Sun @ 10:50–11:40 am) Marq 4-7

LIFE LENS: Sharpening the Focus

Michele Horner
(Sun @ 10:50–11:40 am) Marq 1-2,9

11:10 am Sunday

How to Present Your Own Carnival (of the Animals)

Renee Chomet Robbins
(Sun @ 11:10–12 pm) Symph 3,4

Sunday Afternoon ^Top

12:00 pm Sunday

12:30 pm Sunday

1:00 pm Sunday

Developing a chamber program from Pre-Twinkle on Up!

Joanna Binford, Christina Morton
(Sun @ 1–1:50 pm) Con A

Exploring Favorite Duet Repertoire for Suzuki Pianists

Ellen Berry, Josee Desjardins
(Sun @ 1–1:50 pm) Symph 3,4

Fun for Everyone! Group Class Techniques For All Environments.

Alexander Revoal, Amber Sander, Shu-Yi Scott, Jennifer Stomberg
(Sun @ 1–1:50 pm) Marq 1-2,9

Priority Teaching: The key to success in any environment

Jose Marcio Galvao, Edward Kreitman
(Sun @ 1–1:50 pm) Ballroom ABC

Starting Suzuki Learning Early

Dorothy Jones, Sharon Jones
(Sun @ 1–1:50 pm) Marq 4-7

Vocal Methodology from “Teaching Kids to Sing” by Dr. Ken Phillips

Kenneth Phillips
(Sun @ 1–1:50 pm) Symph 1

1:15 pm Sunday

1:30 pm Sunday

Bass Masterclass #2

Paul Ellison
(Sun @ 1:30–2 pm) Con BC

2:10 pm Sunday

A look at the Brazilian Program of Renata Pereira and Gustavo Henrique de Francisco

Gustavo Henrique de Francisco, Renata Pereira
(Sun @ 2:10–3 pm) Con D

Excellence from Day One!

S Daniel Swaim
(Sun @ 2:10–4 pm) Con A

Music Literacy Beyond Rhythm and Pitch

Cecilia Calvelo-Hopkins
(Sun @ 2:10–3 pm) Symph 1

Sight-Reading is Easy!

Tanya Carey
(Sun @ 2:10–3 pm) Ballroom FG

Small Spots for Big Music

Danielle Charboneau
(Sun @ 2:10–3 pm) Marq 1-2,9

Using String-Instrument Physics to Enhance Practice Results

Meredith Arksey
(Sun @ 2:10–3 pm) Ballroom ABC

2:20 pm Sunday

Building a School Dedicated to High Standards, Community and Collaboration

Christopher Mallett, Robert O’Connor Miller
(Sun @ 2:20–3:10 pm) Duluth

3:20 pm Sunday

Four Pillars of Suzuki Music Study

Roger Taylor
(Sun @ 3:20–4:10 pm) Symph 1

Make It Sparkle! Developmentally Appropriate Practice for Pre-Twinklers

Kasey Calebaugh, Lauren Culver, Lillian Manis
(Sun @ 3:20–4:10 pm) Duluth

Nurturing independence through collaborative note taking #2

Paule Barsalou, Christie Zimmer
(Sun @ 3:20–4:10 pm) Marq 1-2,9

Perception and Energy

Pamela Devenport
(Sun @ 3:20–4:10 pm) Ballroom FG


Blancamaria Montecinos Valdivia
(Sun @ 3:20–4:10 pm) Symph 3,4

The Recorder in the Americas: Challenges and possibilities

Luciana Castillo, Paul Leenhouts, Kathleen Schoen
(Sun @ 3:20–4:10 pm) DR 4

Tone: A Sensitivity Collaboration ♪

Judy Bossuat-Gallic
(Sun @ 3:20–4:10 pm) Ballroom ABC

William Starr’s 77 Variations: Practical Teaching Tips ♪

Hiroko Driver-Lippman
(Sun @ 3:20–4:10 pm) Marq 4-7

4:30 pm Sunday

4:31 pm Sunday

Sunday Evening ^Top

8:00 pm Sunday

Monday Morning ^Top

8:30 am Monday

Create Success! Tips to help parents succeed in Suzuki studios. (Repeated from Sat.)

Christine Goodner, Nicole Wilton
(Mon @ 8:30–9:20 am) Duluth

From Twinkles to Concertos, Developing a Chamber Music Program Within Your Suzuki Piano Studio

Sara Stephens Kotrba, Adrianna O’Brien
(Mon @ 8:30–9:20 am) Symph 3,4

The Arm Bone is Connected to the… Tailbone?!? ♪

James Blumer
(Mon @ 8:30–9:20 am) Marq 1-2

What We Studied—Lessons with & from Dr. Suzuki—Violin Part 2 ♪

Winifred Crock, Allen Lieb, Donna Lim, Edmund Sprunger
(Mon @ 8:30–9:20 am) Ballroom ABC

9:40 am Monday

Every Child Can Play A Concerto

Fay Adams, Linda Gutterman
(Mon @ 9:40–10:30 am) Symph 3,4

Indirect Teaching (Repeated from Sat.) ♪

Edmund Sprunger
(Mon @ 9:40–10:30 am) Ballroom FG

SECE: Every Teacher Can!

Ruth Bergman
(Mon @ 9:40–10:30 am) Duluth

10:50 am Monday