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The following is a overview listing of the full schedule for the 2018 SAA Conference.
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Thursday: Morning / Afternoon / Evening

Friday: Morning / Afternoon / Evening

Saturday: Morning / Afternoon / Evening

Sunday: Morning / Afternoon / Evening

Monday: Morning

Full Schedule

Thursday Afternoon ^Top

Pre-Twinkles and PhDs: Collaborating with College Music Programs

Blair School of Music, Kirsten Cassel Greer, Zachary Ebin

Building Community Among Independent Studios

Daniela Gongora, Andrea Kleesattel, Jessica McNamara, Jenna Potts, Sara Bennett Wolfe

Thursday Evening ^Top

The Power of a Statewide Retreat

Jennifer Burton, Gretchen Grube Rebar, Janelle Severson, Carol Waldvogel

Community Building: 50 Nifty Patterns of Action for a School of Music

Michael Beert, Martha Frantz, Rachel Handlin

Shoulders and Vibrato

Pamela Devenport

Why Wait?!

Wan Tsai Chen

Bass Clef Community Conversations

Kate Jones, Alice Ann O’Neill

Friday Morning ^Top

Dalcroze and Suzuki: Making Dynamic Connections that Nurture the Complete Musician (Repeats on Sat.) ♪

Jeremy Dittus, Julie Bamberger Roubik, Megan Bauer, Jeremy Chesman, Meg Lanfear, Eunjin Lee, Carolyn Mead, Marissa Murphy, Emma Shubin

SECE Baby/Toddler Demonstration Classes #1

Wan Tsai Chen, Katie Ekberg, David Madsen, Lynn McCall, Danette Schuh, Meredith Vaughan

Rinse and Repeat? Strategies for Mindful Repetition in Practice

Meredith Blecha-Wells, Nick Curry, Sarah Kim

How Families Can Learn Collaboration

Dawn Rockwell, Abigail Vogt

Friday Afternoon ^Top

Dancing with Bach

Jennifer Lang, Jane Peck

Copyright: What Can I Really Do?

Alfred Music Publishing, Pam Phillips

S, eh, eh?

Kathleen Schoen

Collaboration through Technology

Marie Pantina Chhibber, Lindsay Crofts, Leigh Wallenhaupt

Chamber Music: The ultimate collaboration, the expansion of the triangle ♪

Melinda Daetsch, Teri Einfeldt, Christie Felsing, Malgosia Lis, Jacqueline Smith

SECE a change in perspective

Reagan Brasch, Alexandra Hadden, David Madsen, Lynn McCall

Suzuki Students CAN Read

Julie Gorka NCTM, Linda Gutterman

Seeking Common Ground

Wan Tsai Chen, Dorothy Jones, Lorena Mayra Leal Isida, Leslie Mizrahi, Danette Schuh, Kelly Williamson

Cellobration Nation: Joining with Other Studios for Support and Events

Kate Ellingson (Marsch), Jennifer Fan, Nancy Hair, Erica Klein, Alyssa Lawson, Cynthia Kuutti Weller

Friday Evening ^Top

Saturday Morning ^Top

Recorder Student Group Class

Kathleen Schoen, Mary Halverson Waldo

Suzuki Association of the Americas Annual Meeting

Holly Blackwelder Carpenter, Rolando Freitag, Oscar Soler, Frank Viola

Collaboration—Come Be Brilliant!

Anamae Anderson, Marilyn Becraft Dodson

Recorder Mini-Lessons ♪

Renata Pereira, Mary Halverson Waldo

SECE Baby/Toddler Demonstration Classes #2

Wan Tsai Chen, Katie Ekberg, David Madsen, Lynn McCall, Danette Schuh, Meredith Vaughan

Teaching the Squirrelly Ones

Annie Barley Givler

Arizona Cactus: Sharing how we teach in elementary classrooms

Kylie Ahern, Karin Hallberg, Louise Scott

Artistic Cello Vibrato

Clive Greensmith

Harp Round Table

Anamae Anderson

My Very First Concert!

Danette Schuh

Saturday Afternoon ^Top

About the SAA Board Experience

Holly Blackwelder Carpenter, Rolando Freitag, Oscar Soler, Frank Viola

Building An Artistic Community Through A Chamber Music Cooperative

Alison Maerker Garner, Alicia Randisi-Hooker

Chapter Round Table

Margaret Watts Romney

Publishing Materials that Supplement Suzuki Teaching

Alfred Music Publishing, Allen Lieb, Bob Phillips, Pam Phillips

Saturday Evening ^Top

Sunday Morning ^Top

Theory, Intuition and Joy

Caroline Fraser

Access and Equity in the Suzuki Community: Strategies for Successful Engagement

Dan Browning, Calida Jones, Mark Mutter, Ashley Nelson

Brazil! ♪

Alyse Korn, Jane Lenoir

Perception and Energy

Pamela Devenport

SECE Baby/Toddler Demonstration Classes #3

Wan Tsai Chen, Katie Ekberg, David Madsen, Lynn McCall, Danette Schuh, Meredith Vaughan

What We Studied—Lessons with and from Dr. Suzuki—Violin Part 1 ♪

Judy Bossuat-Gallic, Hiroko Driver-Lippman, Sarah Hersh, Allen Lieb, Linda Stieg, Roger Stieg

Change a Habit…Now!

Schuan Carpenter

Collaborating with the SECE Community

Florence Muller, Danette Schuh

Creating Music Literacy with Unlimited Game Ideas

Karin Hallberg, Kari Lapins, Kristen Tourville Wyatt, Michiko Yurko

Sunday Afternoon ^Top

Developing a chamber program from Pre-Twinkle on Up!

Joanna Binford, Christina Morton

Fun for Everyone! Group Class Techniques For All Environments.

Alexander Revoal, Amber Sander, Shu-Yi Scott, Jennifer Stomberg

Priority Teaching: The key to success in any environment

Jose Marcio Galvao, Edward Kreitman

Starting Suzuki Learning Early

Dorothy Jones, Sharon Jones

Bass Masterclass #2

Paul Ellison

Excellence from Day One!

S Daniel Swaim

Music Literacy Beyond Rhythm and Pitch

Cecilia Calvelo-Hopkins

Small Spots for Big Music

Danielle Charboneau

Make It Sparkle! Developmentally Appropriate Practice for Pre-Twinklers

Kasey Calebaugh, Lauren Culver, Lillian Manis


Blancamaria Montecinos Valdivia

The Recorder in the Americas: Challenges and possibilities

Luciana Castillo, Paul Leenhouts, Kathleen Schoen

Sunday Evening ^Top

Monday Morning ^Top

What We Studied—Lessons with & from Dr. Suzuki—Violin Part 2 ♪

Winifred Crock, Allen Lieb, Donna Lim, Edmund Sprunger

Every Child Can Play A Concerto

Fay Adams, Linda Gutterman