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May 24th PM

The Importance and the “How To” of teaching Music Theory in Suzuki Piano Lessons

Rita Hauck

Teaching Students with Exceptionalities: Creating an Inclusive Environment in Your Studio or Ensemble

Jacqueline Smith

The Power of a Statewide Retreat

Jennifer Burton, Gretchen Grube Rebar, Janelle Severson, Carol Waldvogel

Community Building: 50 Nifty Patterns of Action for a School of Music

Michael Beert, Martha Frantz, Rachel Handlin

May 25th PM

What Musicians Can Learn About Practicing from Current Brain Research

Molly Gebrian

Suzuki Students CAN Read

Julie Gorka NCTM, Linda Gutterman

Using The Guitar To Teach Music Theory—Practical Fundamental Theory Literacy For Our Guitar Students

William Kossler

Creating Systems and Routines in the Classroom

Gretchen Grube Rebar

May 27th AM


Alyse Korn, Jane Lenoir

Change a Habit…Now!

Schuan Carpenter

May 27th PM

Some Interesting Facts and Wonderful Gems from lesser- known composers of the Suzuki Cello School repertoire

Carey Cheney, Elliott Cheney

May 28th AM

Every Child Can Play A Concerto

Fay Adams, Linda Gutterman