Dalcroze Education: Developing Artistry through Purposeful Movement

Suzuki Association of the Americas National Conference

Dalcroze Education:
Developing Artistry through Purposeful Movement

Dr. Jeremy Dittus, Diplôme Supérieur
Thursday, May 26, 12:30 PM-7:30 PM (6 hours with a break)
Minneapolis, Minnesota

This is a paid pre-conference event with limited space.

6-hour Workshop

This 6-hour workshop will be geared towards professional musicians and educators. Ideal for both experienced and beginner students, Dalcroze Education uses the body to explore musical concepts in dynamic, engaging, and playful ways. Throughout this workshop we will discover new and meaningful ways to understand music using through focused physical gesture and movement. In addition to movement courses concentrated on adult learning, participants will survey principles of Dalcroze Education along with specific Dalcrozian strategies and techniques to acquire new approaches for personal practice and performance, the private lesson, and group classroom teaching.

Here are some of the course topics we will cover:

  • The main branches of Dalcroze Education
    1. Dalcroze Eurhythmics: Eurhythmics provides training for structural elements (beat, rhythm, meter, texture, phrase, and form) and aesthetic elements (dynamics, nuance, articulation, and affect). Students gain control of their bodies, becoming freer to express creatively—both physically and musically.
    2. Solfège trains the eyes, ears, and voice. It enables a student to listen to music and transcribe it onto paper, and to look at sheet music and hear it internally without the use of an instrument.
    3. Improvisation enables students to create music instrumentally or vocally. It usually begins with movement or the voice to facilitate the creative process. Bodily gestures relate to gestures used on the instrument; the connections between movement and music are clarified.
  • Dalcroze Education Principles in Action
  • Dalcrozian Techniques and Strategies for Practice and Inspired Performance, Both for Private and Group Lessons.
  • Dalcroze Active Listening: Solfège with a Smile
  • Revitalizing Old Repertoire through Interdependent Learning and the Spirit of Play