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Suzuki Early Childhood Education

SECE Sessions Inspire All Suzuki Teachers and Parents!
By Joyce Hodge, SECE Coordinator

The theme of the 2016 Conference is “Embracing the Vision,” and the SAA’s Suzuki Early Childhood Education community is delighted to be part of such a wonderful experience. We hope that you will make it your plan to attend and hope that you will ask one of your colleagues to join you. SAA Conferences are a place where you are with people who are endeavouring to make this world a better place through music and who share the same teaching philosophy. At every Conference I have attended, I have gained knowledge and have been able to take back to my studio a deeper understanding of what Dr. Suzuki hoped we might achieve. Inevitably, I learn more about what he meant when he said, “Every child can learn.”

Dr. Suzuki was a man with a vision much before his time. In the last few years the studies of neuroscientists and psychologists have provided data that support Dr. Suzuki’s ideas. As a result we can now more fully understand what he was trying to tell us:  learning takes place naturally in the correct environment.

Through Suzuki Early Childhood Education, we begin educating the children early (birth to three years) in a stress-free environment where the adults can act as role models for the children. It is our privilege to present various sessions about Suzuki Early Childhood Education: the philosophy; the benefits for children and their parents; the skills that will, at the completion of the three-year course, enable them to step right into an instrumental class and begin learning,

SECE teachers are enthusiastic about sharing what we have learned about early education with every instrumentalist at the Conference. We have many sessions planned for everyone at all levels of SECE understanding and experience: those who have not been introduced to this part of the Suzuki Vision; those who have taken entry level course in SECE; and those with SECE training and teaching experience.  We will offer sessions about using the SECE method with children who have learning challenges—how they may benefit from the way our classes are presented. In addition, we will show how new parents can learn how to respond to their child through the use of rhythm and the rhymes that are used in our classes. 

Each day we will hold an SECE class for babies and toddlers for all Conference participants to observe. We look forward to seeing you at the Conference. We promise that you won’t be disappointed. It will be well worth your effort to join us in Minneapolis.

Suzuki in the Schools

More information coming soon.

Research Symposium

Once again, the International Research Symposium on Talent Education, a program of the American Suzuki Institute, will be hosted by the SAA in May.The IRSTE meets in the even-numbered years just before the start of the Suzuki Association of the Americas’ biennial conference. Keynote speakers have included Dr. Robert A. Duke, Dr. Laurel Trainor, and Dr. Robert Cutietta. In addition, to research presentations and a poster session, participants may be selected for the research masterclass. This is an opportunity to present a project or an idea in progress and to receive feedback from the keynote presenter, Dr. Aniruddh D. Patel. Dr. Patel’s Conference presentation for Symposium participants will be “The Origins and Power of Synchronized Movements to Music.”

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