Cancún 2019—Photos

Cancún 2019 Photos

We wanted to share with you the fun and the and excitement of the 2019 1st Convention of the Americas that took place earlier in Cancún this month. If you participated in this event and would also like to share your photos, you can do so at the button below.

Look for more wrap up details about the 1st Convention of the Americas on the Asociación Mexicana del Método Suzuki website.

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To celebrate our friendship

To celebrate our friendship

Andre Isaia, Recorder Teacher trainer Renata Pereira and her husband Gustavo de Francisco. We always travel together to celebrate our friendship and share ideas about the Suzuki Method.

Image by Andre Isaia

Andre Isaia

About loving what I do
“Seeing the process of maturing both in music and in the character of each student is beautiful.
Every little step is celebrated with great joy. It is simply exciting.
I wouldn’t trade this profession for anything in the world: I just love what I do!
I am grateful to Dr. Suzuki for sharing his philosophy with the world and I am very proud to be able to spread love through music with my students “.

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