Cancún 2019—Photos

Cancún 2019 Photos

We wanted to share with you the fun and the and excitement of the 2019 1st Convention of the Americas that took place earlier in Cancún this month. If you participated in this event and would also like to share your photos, you can do so at the button below.

Look for more wrap up details about the 1st Convention of the Americas on the Asociación Mexicana del Método Suzuki website.

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Guitar Session Cancun 2019

Guitar Session Cancun 2019

Image by Liz Biswas

Liz Biswas

Liz Biswas has been teaching Suzuki violin and viola in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada since 2002, and has been a Suzuki parent since 2012. She holds a B.A. from the University of Waterloo in Philosophy and Music. Her principal Suzuki teacher trainers have been Allen Lieb, Elayne Ras and Dorthy Jones.
Currently, Liz is on faculty at the Suzuki Talent Education of Waterloo, where she is also a founding director. Liz performs as a member of the Waterloo Chamber Players and the Quinten Quartet. She has a diverse studio, which bridges her two passions of working as a Suzuki teacher and Inclusion Facilitator.

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