Cancún 2019—Photos

Cancún 2019 Photos

We wanted to share with you the fun and the and excitement of the 2019 1st Convention of the Americas that took place earlier in Cancún this month. If you participated in this event and would also like to share your photos, you can do so at the button below.

Look for more wrap up details about the 1st Convention of the Americas on the Asociación Mexicana del Método Suzuki website.

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1st Convention of the Americas—Cancun 2019—Photo 73

1st Convention of the Americas - Cancun 2019 - Photo 73

Image by Allison Huebner-Woerner

Allison Huebner-Woerner has served as a faculty violin and viola instructor at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Suzuki String Program for the past 27 years. In addition, she has been director of the Edwardsville Youth Orchestra, and is in her 19th year asdirector of the SIUE Suzuki Tour Group. She holds degrees from University of Missouri-Columbia and SIUE in Music Performance and Music Education. Allison served as a graduate assistant to John Kendall while completing her long-term Suzuki training, and was a doctoral assistant to John McLeod during her doctoral studies at University of Missouri-Columbia.

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